qutebrowser v0.10.0 released

I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.10.0!

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic interface. It's written using PyQt and cross-platform.

I haven't announced the v0.9.0 release in this blog (or any patch releases), but for v0.10.0 it definitely makes sense to do so, as it's mostly centered on QtWebEngine!

The full changelog for this release:


  • Userscripts now have a new $QUTE_COMMANDLINE_TEXT environment variable, containing the current commandline contents
  • New ripbang userscript to create a searchengine from a duckduckgo bang
  • QtWebKit Reloaded (also called QtWebKit-NG) is now fully supported
  • Various new functionality with the QtWebEngine backend:
    • Printing support with Qt >= 5.8
    • Proxy support with Qt >= 5.8
    • The general -> print-element-backgrounds option with Qt >= 5.8
    • The content -> cookies-store option
    • The storage -> cache-size option
    • The colors -> webpage.bg option
    • The HTML5 fullscreen API (e.g. youtube videos) with QtWebEngine
    • :download --mhtml
  • New qute:history URL and :history command to show the browsing history
  • Open tabs are now auto-saved on each successful load and restored in case of a crash
  • :jseval now has a --file flag so you can pass a javascript file
  • :session-save now has a --only-active-window flag to only save the active window
  • OS X builds are back, and built with QtWebEngine


  • PyQt 5.7/Qt 5.7.1 is now required for the QtWebEngine backend
  • Scrolling with the scrollwheel while holding shift now scrolls sideways
  • New way of clicking hints which solves various small issues
  • When yanking a mailto: link via hints, the mailto: prefix is now stripped
  • Zoom level messages are now not stacked on top of each other anymore
  • qutebrowser now automatically uses QtWebEngine if QtWebKit is unavailable
  • :history-clear now asks for a confirmation, unless it's run with --force.
  • input -> mouse-zoom-divider can now be 0 to disable zooming by mouse wheel
  • network -> proxy can also be set to pac+file://... now to use a local proxy autoconfig file (on QtWebKit)


  • Various bugs with Qt 5.8 and QtWebEngine:
    • Segfault when closing a window
    • Segfault when closing a tab with a search active
    • Fixed various mouse actions (like automatically entering insert mode) not working
    • Fixed hints sometimes not working
    • Segfault when opening a URL after a QtWebEngine renderer process crash
  • Other QtWebEngine fixes:
    • Insert mode now gets entered correctly with a non-100% zoom
    • Crash reports are now re-enabled when using QtWebEngine
    • Fixed crashes when closing tabs while hinting
    • Using :undo or :tab-clone with a view-source:// or chrome:// tab is now prevented, as it segfaults
  • :enter-mode now refuses to enter modes which can't be entered manually (which caused crashes)
  • :record-macro (q) now doesn't try to record macros for special keys without a text
  • Fixed PAC (proxy autoconfig) not working with QtWebKit
  • :download --mhtml now uses the new file dialog
  • Word hints are now upper-cased correctly when hints -> uppercase is true
  • Font validation is now more permissive in the config, allowing e.g. "Terminus (TTF)" as font name
  • Fixed starting on newer PyQt/sip versions with LibreSSL
  • When downloading files with QtWebKit, a User-Agent header is set when possible
  • Fixed showing of keybindings in the :help completion
  • :navigate prev/next now detects rel attributes on <a> elements, and handles multiple rel attributes correctly
  • Fixed a crash when hinting with target userscript and spawning a non-existing script
  • Lines in Jupyter notebook now trigger insert mode

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