Second qutebrowser crowdfunding launched!

Like last year, I'd love to spend my summer holidays working full-time on qutebrowser again!

This is why I started another crowdfunding - with the goal of finally implementing the new config system. See the Kickstarter campaign for details.

In a nutshell, that means:

  • There's a separate (optional) config file, which will never be touched by qutebrowser, and is much better suited for people who prefer editing their config by hand and/or managing it in a VCS like git.
  • Many new possibilities for the config, like setting the backend (QtWebKit/QtWebEngine), or other things which need to be available early (like disabling canvas reading).
  • The ability to set many settings for individual domains - such as enabling JavaScript individually (like NoScript), or setting user-stylesheets for some pages (like Stylish).
  • Much more powerful configuration (in Python).
  • Many other configuration bugs and quirks which will be fixed along the way.

Like last year, you can get qutebrowser stickers and t-shirts by contributing to the crowdfunding. Also, expect to see regular updates on this blog again!

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