Getting started again

As you all probably know already, the crowdfunding for qutebrowser ended up being more than fully funded - thanks to everyone again!

The funds arrived on my bank account yesterday, minus some 10% fees for Kickstarter and payment processing. Yesterday also was the last day with lectures before my summer holidays!

Since Monday is a public holiday, I decided to spend some time today on sending out the stickers to everyone who doesn't have a t-shirt, and then continue next Tuesday with day 2.

Over the last few days, I also spent some time on getting QtWebEngine more ready:

For people who have t-shirts in their pledges, a survey will follow soon - I still need to sort out some things about available colors and sizes first.

If you're reading this via the Python or Qt planet, note that I won't post future minor updates there - if you want updates about what I'm doing currently (a few times per week), check the qutebrowser development blog!