qutebrowser v0.8.0 released

I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.8.0!

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic interface. It's written using PyQt and cross-platform.

The main reason for this release is that v0.7.0 will break with PyQt 5.7 which is soon going to be released.

I decided to do a new minor release instead of a patch release as plenty new features have accumulated already. If your distribution can't update to v0.8.0 for some reason, backporting this patch patch should work, though I haven't verified this.

This release also got a big refactoring to prepare for QtWebEngine support. To my current knowledge, all issues have been smoothened out. If not, crash reports shall now tell me. ;)

You can also already start with "--backend webengine" with this release to try the QtWebEngine support - however many features are still missing.

Source release and binaries for Windows/OS X are available, the Debian packages are still work-in-progress.

The full changelog for this release:


  • New :repeat-command command (mapped to .) to repeat the last command. Note that two former default bundings conflict with that binding, unbinding them via :unbind .i and :unbind .o is recommended.
  • New qute:bookmarks page which displays all bookmarks and quickmarks.
  • New :prompt-open-download (bound to Ctrl-X) which can be used to open a download directly when getting the filename prompt.
  • New {host} replacement for tab- and window titles which evaluates to the current host.
  • New default binding ;t for :hint input.
  • New variables $QUTE_CONFIG_DIR, $QUTE_DATA_DIR and $QUTE_DOWNLOAD_DIR available for userscripts.
  • New option ui -> status-position to configure the position of the status bar (top/bottom).
  • New --pdf <filename> argument for :print which can be used to generate a PDF without a dialog.


  • :scroll-perc now prefers a count over the argument given to it, which means gg can be used with a count.
  • Aliases can now use ;; to have an alias which executed multiple commands.
  • :edit-url now does nothing if the URL isn't changed in the spawned editor.
  • :bookmark-add can now be passed a URL and title to add that as a bookmark rather than the current page.
  • New taskadd userscript to add a taskwarrior task annotated with the current URL.
  • :bookmark-del and :quickmark-del now delete the current page's URL if none is given.


  • Compatibility with PyQt 5.7
  • Fixed some configuration values being lost when a config option gets removed from qutebrowser's code.
  • Fix crash when downloading with a full disk
  • Using :jump-mark (e.g. '') when the current URL is invalid doesn't crash anymore.


  • The ability to display status messages from webpages, as well as the related ui ->  display-statusbar-messages setting.
  • The general -> wrap-search setting as searches now always wrap. According to a quick straw poll and prior crash logs, almost nobody is using wrap-search = false, and turning off wrapping is not possible with QtWebEngine.
  • :edit-url now doesn't accept a count anymore as its behavior was confusing and it doesn't make much sense to add a count.

Since v0.7.0, the following people have contributed to qutebrowser:

  • Ryan Roden-Corrent
  • Jan Verbeek
  • Daniel Schadt
  • Marshall Lochbaum
  • Ismail S
  • David Vogt
  • Michał Góral
  • Panashe M. Fundira
  • Jeremy Kaplan
  • Edgar Hipp
  • Daryl Finlay
  • Jean-Louis Fuchs
  • Kevin Velghe
  • Jakub Klinkovský
  • Dietrich Daroch

Thank you!