Day 8: More fixing and pytest sprint/training

(This blog post is actually a day late as I was busy packing for the pytest sprint yesterday)

Not too much exciting stuff this time - I mostly continued working on getting basic stuff like scrolling and zooming to work after the refactoring, and added a temporary fix for :navigate and hinting until I get to rewriting them for QtWebEngine.

pytest sprint and training

For the rest of this month, I won't be working on qutebrowser much, as I'll be at the pytest sprint in Freiburg. However, I plan to work on various things I need in qutebrowser's testsuite too!

After the sprint, 27th to 29th, I'll host a professional training for pytest, tox and devpi in Freiburg. If you'd like to join as well, there are still free spaces!

My "office"

Some people wondered if I'm working from home - to avoid distractions, I'm actually using the local hackerspace as my "office". Here's how it looks:

my workplace for qutebrowser