Day 24-26: Refactoring the WebElement API

Last Thursday I finished the WebElement API refactoring to the point where the QtWebKit code and all related tests work normally again, and I merged the branch.

On Friday, I did some work because of a major pytest-qt release (2.0) and fixed some other small issues. After that, I wanted to start experimenting with some javascript to hopefully get hints working with QtWebEngine.

However I noticed having a web inspector makes writing JS much easier, so I wanted to work on that first. Then I realized there's still no setting support for QtWebEngine yet, so that's what I decided to actually start working on.

Today was a public holiday so I took it a bit easier and mainly merged some (7!) pull requests, and fixed some easy bugs (1, 2, 3, 4). I also looked at some new crash reports, and updated my patched PyQt package.