T-Shirts shipped, initial implementation of per-domain settings

Last Saturday, I finally managed to ship all t-shirts with some much appreciated help from a friend and my SO! You should hopefully get yours soon (I'd imagine starting today for people from Germany). I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a quick mail (mail@qutebrowser.org) or ping me on IRC (#qutebrowser on Freenode) if yours arrived (and in what country you are).That helps me to keep track of how things look, since all shirts are sent without tracking.

We ended up bringing a big ~18kg parcel to the post office containing 55 envelopes:

A big box of packed t-shirts A big box of packed t-shirts

As usual, not everything went quite to plan - here's a list of the mistakes we thankfully caught:

  • I accidentally discarded a sheet of labels which still had three labels on it. This was caught by counting the envelopes at the end, and easy to re-print.
  • Someone almost got a lady-cut M instead of a regular-cut one. Really glad we caught that one before it was too late.
  • The glue on the padded envelopes didn't really hold well, so one opened while we were handling them. It turns out others were really close to opening as well - we were really lucky this happened while they were still at our place, and fixed it with some additional tape.
  • It turns out a "big letter" shipped worldwide has a bigger maximum size than the same thing to Germany - there, a "maxi letter" is apparently needed. We only found out at the post office, and had to put some additional stamps on there - thankfully, this was only on 8 envelopes going to Germany.
  • While I wrote some code to add additional text to the labels telling us what to pack (which streamlined things extremely compared to last year!), I forgot that I promised 10/15/20 stickers depending on the pledge levels. The ones with 20 stickers were easy to find (as they have two t-shirts), for others there was a pragmatic solution: Simply giving 15 stickers to everyone :)

I do hope everything else went according to plan, but if something is wrong with what you got, please contact me.

I've also been hard at work on per-domain settings, and I have a first prototype to show:

Proof-of-concept for per-domain settings

It's in the per-url branch, but not quite ready yet - if you want to try it, make sure to make a backup of your config directory first. As you can see, it requires a reload to apply the settings currently. I'll look into avoiding that where possible, but I can't quite tell yet to what extend that will be possible.