Day 13/14: Almost merged!

The past two days I was busy with getting stickers shipped out to everyone most of the time - I'll post a dedicated blogpost about that tomorrow with some pictures!

I still got some work in the qtwebengine branch done:

  • Lots and lots of cleanups and small fixes
  • Marked failing session tests as "expected to fail" for now as sessions will get a refactoring before they're supported in QtWebEngine anyways.
  • Got scrolling with --backend webengine to work
  • Fixed mouse wheel zooming
  • Rebased and cleaned up commits
  • Opened a PR for it to solicit some feedback from other contributors. I plan to merge it tomorrow.

And some other maintainance work:

  • Merged a PR exposing a $QUTE_CONFIG_DIR (and DATA / DOWNLOADS) to userscripts
  • Merged a PR with new unit tests for completions
  • Merged a PR making the statusbar position configurable (top/bottom)
  • Merged a PR adding a simple issue template for GitHub
  • Fixed an issue where eslint (javascript linting) started to fail due to a too old node version being installed on Travis (which caused all builds to fail)
  • Improved the version output to make it cleaner and provide some more informations (like if QtWebEngine is installed)
  • The usual CI version updates