qutebrowser v1.2.0 released!

I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser v1.2.0!

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic interface. It's written using PyQt and cross-platform.

This release comes with a long changelog, but the most interesting changes are probably initial support for per-domain settings (I've had JavaScript disabled globally for a while myself now) and a big refactoring of how keybindings are handled (allowing for emacs-like key chains with modifiers).

Here's the complete changelog:


  • Initial implementation of per-domain settings:
    • :set and :config-cycle now have a -u/--pattern argument taking a URL match pattern for supported settings.
    • config.set in config.py now takes a third argument which is the pattern.
    • New with config.pattern('...') as p: context manager for config.py to use the shorthand syntax with a pattern.
    • New tsh keybinding to toggle scripts for the current host. With a capital S, the toggle is saved. With a capital H, subdomains are included. With u instead of h, the exact current URL is used.
    • New tph keybinding to toggle plugins, with the same additional binding described above.
  • New QtWebEngine features:
    • Caret/visual mode
    • Authentication via ~/.netrc
    • Retrying downloads with Qt 5.10 or newer
    • Hinting and other features inside same-origin frames
  • New flags for existing commands:
    • :session-load has a new --delete flag which deletes the session after loading it.
    • New --no-last flag for :tab-focus to not focus the last tab when focusing the currently focused one.
    • New --edit flag for :view-source to open the source in an external editor.
    • New --select flag for :follow-hint which acts like the given string was entered but doesn't necessary follow the hint.
  • New special pages:
    • qute://bindings (opened via :bind) which shows all keybindings.
    • qute://tabs (opened via :buffer) which lists all tabs.
  • New settings:
    • statusbar.widgets to configure which widgets should be shown in which order in the statusbar.
    • tabs.mode_on_change which replaces tabs.persist_mode_on_change. It can now be set to restore which remembers input modes (input/passthrough) per tab.
    • input.insert_mode.auto_enter which makes it possible to disable entering insert mode automatically when an editable element was clicked. Together with input.forward_unbound_keys, this should allow for emacs-like "modeless" keybindings.
  • New :prompt-yank command (bound to Alt-y by default) to yank URLs referenced in prompts.
  • The hostblock_blame script which was removed in v1.0 was updated for the new config and re-added.
  • New cycle-inputs.js script in scripts/ which can be used with :jseval -f to cycle through inputs.


  • Complete refactoring of key input handling, with various effects:
    • emacs-like keychains such as <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-C> can now be bound.
    • Key chains can now be bound in any mode (this allows binding unused keys in hint mode).
    • Yes/no prompts don't use keybindings from the prompt section anymore, they have their own yesno section instead.
    • Trying to bind invalid keys now shows an error.
    • The bindings.default setting can now only be set in a config.py, and existing values in autoconfig.yml are ignored.
  • Improvements for GreaseMonkey support:
    • @include and @exclude now support regex matches. With QtWebEngine and Qt 5.8 and newer, Qt handles the matching, but similar functionality will be added in Qt 5.11.
    • Support for @requires
    • Support for the GreaseMonkey 4.0 API
  • The sqlite history now uses write-ahead logging which should be a performance and stability improvement.
  • When an editor is spawned with :open-editor and :config-edit, the changes are now applied as soon as the file is saved in the editor.
  • The hist_importer.py script now only imports URL schemes qutebrowser can handle.
  • Deleting a prefix (:, / or ?) via backspace now leaves command mode.
  • Angular 1 elements and <summary>/<details> now get hints assigned.
  • :tab-only with pinned tabs now still closes unpinned tabs.
  • The url.incdec_segments option now also can take port as possible segment.
  • QtWebEngine: :view-source now uses Chromium's view-source: scheme.
  • Tabs now show their full title as tooltip.
  • When there are multiple unknown keys in a autoconfig.yml, they now all get reported in one error.
  • More performance improvements when opening/closing many tabs.
  • The :version page now has a button to pastebin the information.
  • Replacements like {url} can now be escaped as {{url}}.


  • QtWebEngine bugfixes:
    • Improved fullscreen handling with Qt 5.10.
    • Hinting and scrolling now works properly on special view-source: pages.
    • Scroll positions are now restored correctly from sessions.
    • :follow-selected should now work in more cases with Qt > 5.10.
    • Incremental search now flickers less and doesn't move to the second result when pressing Enter.
    • Keys like Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert are now correctly handled/filtered with Qt 5.10.
    • Fixed hangs/segfaults on exit with Qt 5.10.1.
    • Fixed favicons sometimes getting cleared with Qt 5.10.
    • Qt download objects are now cleaned up properly when a download is removed.
    • JavaScript messages are now not double-HTML escaped anymore on Qt < 5.11
  • QtWebKit bugfixes:
    • Fixed GreaseMonkey-related crashes.
    • :view-source now displays a valid URL.
  • URLs containing ampersands and other special chars are now shown correctly when filtering them in the completion.
  • :bookmark-add "" foo can now be used to save the current URL with a custom title.
  • :spawn -o now waits until the process has finished before trying to show the output. Previously, it incorrectly showed the previous output immediately.
  • Suspended pages now should always load the correct page when being un-suspended.
  • Exception types are now shown properly with :config-source and :config-edit.
  • When using :bookmark-add --toggle, bookmarks are now saved properly.
  • Crash when opening an invalid URL from an application on macOS.
  • Crash with an empty completion.timestamp_format.
  • Crash when completion.min_chars is set in some cases.
  • HTML/JS resource files are now read into RAM on start to avoid crashes when changing qutebrowser versions while it's open.
  • Setting bindings.key_mappings to an empty value is now allowed.
  • Bindings to an empty commands are now ignored rather than crashing.


  • QUTE_SELECTED_HTML is now not set for userscripts anymore except when called via hints.
  • The qutebrowser_viewsource userscript has been removed as :view-source --edit can now be used.
  • The tabs.persist_mode_on_change setting has been removed and replaced by tabs.mode_on_change.