qutebrowser v0.7.0 released

I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.7.0!

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic interface. It's written using PyQt and cross-platform.

As usual the source release is available, binary releases (Windows as usual, and now also a standalone OS X .app/.dmg and a Debian .deb) will follow ASAP (but might be Monday until everything is taken care of).

This is a really exciting release! It comes with fixes for a few long-standing bugs (like being able to use :hint spawn with flags or sharing of cookies between tabs with private browsing) and includes many new features (like marks to remember the scroll position).

It also comes with a greatly improved hint and history implementation: Hints now work more reliably in some corner cases, and gained a few new features and other bugfixes. The history completion now contains titles and handles redirects.

And there's a lot more than that - see the full changelog:


  • New :edit-url command to edit the URL in an external editor.
  • New network -> custom-headers setting to send custom headers with every request.
  • New {url:pretty} commandline replacement which gets replaced by the decoded URL.
  • New marks to remember a scroll position:
    • New :jump-mark command to jump to a mark, bound to '
    • New :set-mark command to set a mark, bound to ` (backtick)
    • The ' mark gets set when moving away (hinting link with anchor, searching, etc.) so you can move back with ''
  • New --force-color argument to force colored logging even if stdout is not a terminal
  • New :messages command to show error messages
  • New pop-up showing possible keybinding when the first key of a keychain is pressed. This can be turned off using :set ui keyhint-blacklist *.
  • New hints -> auto-follow-timeout setting to ignore keypresses after following a hint when filtering in number mode.
  • New :history-clear command to clear the entire history
  • New hints -> find-implementation to select which implementation (JS/Python) should be used to find hints on a page. The javascript implementation is better, but slower.


  • qutebrowser got a new (slightly updated) logo
  • :tab-focus can now take a negative index to focus the nth tab counted from the right.
  • :yank can now yank the pretty/decoded URL by adding --pretty
  • :navigate now clears the URL fragment
  • :completion-item-del (Ctrl-D) can now be used in :buffer completion to close a tab
  • Counts can now be used with special keybindings (e.g. with modifiers)
  • Various SSL ciphers are now disabled by default. With recent Qt/OpenSSL versions those already all are disabled, but with older versions they might not be.
  • Show favicons as window icon with tabs-are-windows set.
  • :bind <key> without a command now shows the existing binding
  • The optional colorlog dependency got removed, as qutebrowser now displays colored logs without it.
  • URLs are now shown decoded when hovering.
  • Keybindings are now shown in the command completion
  • Improved behavior when pasting multiple lines
  • Rapid hints can now also be used for the normal hint target, which can be useful with javascript click handlers or checkboxes which don't actually open a new page.
  • :zoom-in or :zoom-out (+/-) with a too large count now zooms to the smallest/largest zoom instead of doing nothing.
  • The commandline now accepts partially typed commands if they're unique.
  • Number hints are now kept filtered after following a hint in rapid mode.
  • Number hints are now renumbered after filtering
  • Number hints can now be filtered with multiple space-separated search terms
  • hints -> scatter is now ignored for number hints
  • Better history implementation which also stores titles. As a consequence, URLs which redirect to another URL are now added to the history too, marked with a -r suffix to the timestamp field.


  • Fixed using :hint links spawn with flags - you can now use things like the -v argument for :spawn or pass flags to the spawned commands.
  • Various fixes for hinting corner-cases where following a link didn't work or the hint was drawn at the wrong position.
  • Fixed crash when downloading from an URL with SSL errors
  • Close file handles correctly when a download failed
  • Fixed crash when using ;Y (:hint links yank-primary) on a system without primary selection
  • Don't display quit confirmation with finished downloads
  • Fixed updating the tab index in the statusbar when opening a background tab
  • Fixed a crash when entering :-- in the commandline
  • Fixed :debug-console with PyQt 5.6
  • Fixed qutebrowser not starting when sys.stderr is None
  • Fixed crash when cancelling a download which belongs to a MHTML download
  • Fixed rebinding of keybindings being case-sensitive
  • Fix for tab indicators getting lost when moving tabs
  • Fixed handling of backspace in number hinting mode
  • Fixed FileNotFoundError when starting in some cases on old Qt versions
  • Fixed sharing of cookies between tabs when private-browsing is enabled
  • Toggling values with :set now uses lower-case values
  • Hints now work with (non-standard) links with spaces around the URL
  • Strip off trailing spaces for history entries with no title

Since v0.6.0, the following people have contributed to qutebrowser:

  • Ryan Roden-Corrent
  • Daniel Schadt
  • Jakub Klinkovsk
  • Panagiotis Ktistakis
  • Corentin Jul
  • Felix Van der Jeugt
  • Tarcisio Fedrizzi
  • Liam BEGUIN
  • Jimmy
  • kanikaa1234
  • Tomasz Kramkowski
  • Philipp Hansch
  • Nick Ginther
  • Fritz Reichwald
  • haitaka
  • Ismail
  • adam
  • Stefan Tatschner
  • Samuel Loury
  • Jan Verbeek
  • oniondreams
  • Xitian9
  • Noah Huesser
  • Johannes Martinsson
  • Jay Kamat
  • Error 800
  • Alexey Glushko

Thank you!