Day 21-23: After Europython and releases

This week I came back from EuroPython (which was awesome!), so on Monday I was busy with responding to issues, reading crash reports and reviewing PRs which accumulated during my "holiday".

Yesterday I released qutebrowser v0.8.0, as I had to get a new release out ASAP because of breaking changes in Qt 5.7, and enough changes for a new real release (rather than a simple patch release) accumulated.

I then noticed the OS X .app release was broken, due to a packaging issues. I fixed the build script, added a smoke test to notice such issues in the future, and uploaded a new package.

Today, a total of four crash reports for the same issue came in (even though nobody reported it before the release), where qutebrowser crashed when simply doing :<enter> due to a change how aliases are handled.

So I decided to fix that and do an immediate v0.8.1 release, since it's likely that more people would run into this.

After the release, I started refactoring the web element API which used by hints and some other features. Now (almost) everything is behind an unified API. This is still kind of an experiment, as I'm not 100% sure yet if I can implement a bridge from javascript to Python for QtWebEngine (so the existing code can continue to use the same Python API it can with QtWebKit). We'll hopefully see later this week.